Clothing Assistance

Unemployment, underemployment and domestic violence are still at alarmingly high levels yet there are limited resources to assist women in their search for a resolution. You might be changing careers or returning to work after years at home or rebuilding your life after years of continued domestic abuse . To be able to interview properly attired makes a big difference in the impression made on a prospective employer and a woman’s self worth. The Center partners with Greater Hickory Cooperative Christian Ministry to provide clothing appropriate to wear during your job search and interviewing and also has a small onsite closet for emergencies. For eligibility screening please call Women’s Resource Center (828) 322-6333. 

  1. Jackets & Cardigans
  2. Skirts
  3. Dresses (solid or small print)
  4. Blouses (solid or small print)
  5. Slacks (including solid, khaki, and dark)
  6. Button down shirts
  7. Click here to learn more about our Women2Work Program.


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