At Women’s Resource Center, we offer Transitions4Women, a service that offers practical help for women going through life changes.

Everyone goes through difficult situations at some point in life. To begin the work of changing these situations and taking back control of your life, you’re going to need some tools.

First, we help you to identify the problem, and then make a step-by-step plan to tackle it.  We’ll find the resources that are available to you and give you all of the information you need to apply for them.

It usually takes a lot of hard work, patience and hope to make a major change in life. It can be easier with a support system behind you – cheering you on, communicating honestly and offering the respect you deserve.

Our Transitions4Women service provides a safe place to ask questions, have someone take the time to listen to your story and to find the information and tools needed to improve your life.

Appointments are required to receive services.  Please call the Center at (828) 322-6333. Be sure to have paper and pen available for taking notes

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