Center Circle Membership


The Center Circle is made up of women within our community who support the mission of Women’s Resource Center and are passionate about the needs of women. Their financial contributions ensure that WRC is open to serve the needs of women. These contributions allow us to provide our service known as, Transitions4Women, to advocate for the rights of women, to provide enrichment programs and to expand our Women2Work Workforce Development Program. We are so thankful for these compassionate women and for their financial support.

The Center Circle will help ensure the financial well-being of the Center for future generations of women.  Women’s Resource Center has served as a safe, comforting and uplifting destination for many women for over 25 years.  Become a member of WRC’s Center Circle by downloading a Center Circle  application here, or contact Cindy Rose, Executive Director at 828-322-6333 or email to


Women's Resource Center empowers women through workforce development, advocacy, enrichment programs and community partnerships.