Sometimes searching for support after an unexpected job loss, domestic violence transition, or an illness or injury can cause a great deal of stress and frustration.

Understanding this, Women’s Resource Center has expanded its former Women2Work program to offer services in the form of Long-Term Case Management to women who may need general support and a community to strengthen them. This includes women who are both actively job searching and those who may not be actively searching while they serve as caretakers, homemakers, retirees, or need care themselves.

This is accomplished through workforce development and job seeking services, mental health and counseling services, referral services, outreach, community building and other practical help to women facing this difficult transition. Women’s Resource Center advocates for women who have been victimized by offering mentoring, promoting opportunities for strengthening life skills, counseling, and opportunities to regain trust that is essential for transitioning into a holistically safe and healthy life. 

Through partnerships we are able to provide clothing to women entering or re-entering the workforce. Also provided are personal and cleaning supplies (as needed from our Pantry program), bus passes, gas cards, and phone cards to assist with job searching or other action items in the individuals goal plan. This goal plan is developed with staff, and includes regular sessions and check-ins, including face-to-face contact with our Director of Programs, Counselors, and trained volunteers. In addition, there are opportunities to strengthen job search, and planning skills via WRC classes, programs, and collaborations with area agencies

This service does have the following eligibility requirements:

If you meet these requirements, please call (828) 322-6333 to make an appointment. All referrals for Case Management are made through an initial Transitions4Women screening.




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